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Rapid rise in Will disputes

Figures released from the Ministry of Justice show that there were 178 wills and probate disputes heard in the High Court in 2014 compared to 97 in 2013. This is seen as being just the tip of the iceberg because only a small portion of these disputes ever get as far as the High Court, with many being settled beforehand.

This rapid rise in will disputes is being put down to factors such as the complexity of family make-ups which can often included second spouses and children from different parents. The soaring house prices, especially in London, are also seen as a significant contributor to this as the potential economic gains of pursuing a claim becomes a driving force.

Given the above scenarios, there is often the chance that a family member may feel aggrieved if they feel that they’ve been left out of a will or haven’t received what they perceive to be their legal‘fair share’.

Poorly drafted wills are often at the centre of family battles about wills and some of the homemade wills that people put together and the cheap wills you can get on the high street don’t necessarily cover the complexity of a person’s financial situation and how assets are divided up after death. These types of wills are very often easier to contest when it gets to court.

The upward trend of will disputes is forecast to continue and that’s why it can be a false economy to have a DIY will or buy cheap. The more complex your personal affairs, the more there is to think about when it comes to drafting your will. To ensure that your loved ones receive what you want them to have in the event of your death, then it pays to work with an experienced firm that has many years experience of drafting wills and know what the pitfalls can be.

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