Car Accident

Accident Claims: What to do if you are the driver

Across the UK every single day motorists find themselves in traffic collision that they never dreamt would happen and as a result they have no idea what to do. The laws on what to do in these situations can be quite strict especially with time restrictions if you wish to make a claim. If you don’t follow the correct procedures your claim may not be possible so it is important to be fully aware of all the legal aspects of your accident.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident it is not always clear who exactly is responsible. In these situations there can be complications as either the other driver may not want to admit fault or may be advised by their insurance company not to do so. In order to avoid this it is important not to try to force anything that might cause arguments in an already tense situation, but to collect evidence. This may include a written account of what just happened, photographs of the cars, including their positions and any damage done as well as collecting the contact details of eyewitnesses. Once you have this evidence, you are able to refer back to it later if you choose to file an accident claim.Car Accident

Sometimes people feel unclear on whether or not they need to stop when they are involved in a traffic accident, however if any of the following occur it’s important to do so;

  • If either vehicle or the property of another person is damaged in the process
  • If any animals either in a vehicle or on the road were injured or killed
  • If any part of the road and surrounding area was damaged
  • If anyone including yourself has been injured

If any of these things have happened and you do need to stop, it is important that you stay with your vehicle until you have been able to swap contact and insurance information. If you were unable to leave your details with the police at the time of the accident, you must within 24 hours, call your local police station and report what happened. As well as this you must also tell your insurance company, preferably within the same time period. It is imperative to always inform your insurance company whenever there is any damage to your vehicle but even more so when you plan to file an accident claim. Any discrepancies in this area can ultimately invalidate your claim in the long term which is why following these steps is so important.

Once you’ve have made sure that each and every one of these things has been done and you have followed the correct procedures can you begin to make an accident claim.

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