Personal Injury Holiday

What to Do If You’re Injured on Holiday

The last thing you want to consider when booking your holiday is that possible injuries could occur. Travel insurance will cover the basics such as emergency medical costs and offer 24/7 assistance. Fellow EU countries have a reciprocal care agreement with the UK that will cover many emergency medical expenses, but you will need to apply for a free European Health Insurance card before you leaPersonal Injury Holidayve and you may have to pay the first £500 which you can then claim back on your return home.

But what if you are injured abroad through no fault of your own? Are you entitled to make a personal injury claim? Here’s a brief guide to what you should consider if you’re injured on

Is It a Package Holiday?                  

If you’re injured during your stay at a resort that was booked as part of a package tour, then you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim if the hotel was negligent in any way. You may also be able put in a claim if you were injured on an excursion that was part of your package deal.

Examples of holiday hazards that could entitle you to make a personal injury claim include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Coach accident if travelling on an organised coaching holiday
  • Injuries caused by broken furnishings or paving at your hotel
  • Injuries caused by broken swimming pool tiles

What To Do

Personal injury claims can be complicated so it’s important that you take immediate action.

  • Report the accident as soon as possible
  • Take photos or videos as evidence
  • Obtain a doctor’s report
  • Seek legal advice as soon as you get home

If you have been injured during your holiday through no fault of your own, contact us now and our personal injury specialists will offer free no obligation impartial advice.