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Dealing with the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap has been a hot topic for a while now and the government are in the process of drafting regulations that will require companies to report on how they pay staff to demonstrate complete transparency and that pay between men and women is appropriate. If you’re an employer, here are key areas that you need to be aware of:

Who is this relevant to? If you employ at least 250 people that work in Great Britain and has an employment contract governed by UK law then you are affected.Wills & Probate

What does pay cover? This covers basic pay, paid leave, maternity pay, sick pay, bonus pay, shift pay, car allowances, area allowances. It doesn’t include expenses, overtime, redundancy pay, tax credits.

Bonus payments – You will need to publish the difference between the mean bonuses paid to men and women. You will also be required to show the proportion of male and female employees that received a bonus.

What do I have to publish? You will have to publish the mean and median gender pay gaps.

When do I have to publish? The provisional commencement date of the legislation is the 1st October 2016 so you will have 18 months after this date to publish it for the first time and then it needs to be published annually after that.

Where do I have to publish? You must publish the information on your website and it needs to be accessible to employees and the public. It needs to stay online for 3 years to show progression and will also need to upload the information to a government designated website.

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